You are welcome to maintain your DEP under the namespace. This is attached to the dep Alioth project, to which all developers have write access to, and it runs ikiwiki with a Subversion repository underneath it. To add your DEP:

  1. svn checkout svn+ssh://
  2. commit a file named depN.mdwn under web/deps

The file is in Markdown format, which basically means that plain text will format nicely, and for extra goodies you can consult this brief help, or the full Markdown syntax documentation. The only caveat is for the first paragraph: please indent all of its lines with 4 spaces, so that it gets treated as <pre>; see e.g. dep0.mdwn.

There is also a dep-commits mailing list.

Without ikiwiki

If you'd just like space under Subversion, without having to care about ikiwiki at all, create and use a depN subdirectory under Then, you could use a URL like this for your DEP:*checkout*/dep/playground/dep17/dep17.txt

Non-subversion repositories

The dep project in Alioth also provides space for Bazaar, Darcs, Git and Mercurial repositories. To make use of them, log into alioth and create a file:///$VCS/depN directory, and place as many branches or repositories as you need under it. You can then use the appropriate http://$ URL that will provide a plain text copy of the latest version as the URL for your DEP. (TODO: provide those URLs.)