You are welcome to maintain your DEP under the namespace. This is attached to the dep-team/deps Salsa project, to which all developers have write access to, and it runs ikiwiki through the GitLab CI infrastructure.

$ git clone
$ cd deps
# Record the new DEP in the index
$ editor web/index.mdwn
# Add the content of the DEP
$ editor web/deps/depN.mdwn
$ git add web
$ git commit -m 'Add DEP-N'
$ git push

(replace N with your DEP number)

The file is in Markdown format, which basically means that plain text will format nicely, and for extra goodies you can consult this brief help, or the full Markdown syntax documentation. The only caveat is for the first paragraph: please indent all of its lines with 4 spaces, so that it gets treated as <pre>; see e.g. dep0.mdwn.