Recent changes to this wiki:

Link deb8 to salsa as autopkgtest repository moved there
dep15: generalise first criterion
dep15: add first FAQ entry
dep15: fix changelog date
Drop broken link on patch tracker
Instead mention the Debian Package Tracker as potential tool showing the
DEP 15: initial draft
DEP8: Fix link to current specification
DEP-14: Version -> refname mangling: Escape dots
Patch by Ian Jackson following debian-devel discussion:
Mark DEP-11 as accepted.
It has been implemented an in use for a long time now.
Add missing word from text.
Add link to wiki.
Misc improvements following the last discussion
Fix a title to be more accurate
Add a section about repacked upstream sources
Say a word about repositories hosting only the Debian directory
Recommend <vendor>/master but allow <vendor>/<codename> for development releases
Add missing "over"
Fix headings and reorder slightly a section
Add first draft of DEP-14
Reserve DEP-14 for “Recommended layout for Git packaging repositories”
dep8: Update link to specification, was renamed to *.rst
Moved debian/upstream files to debian/upstream/metadata.
mark dep9 as obsolete
Mark DEP 7 as rejected due to lack of time
Changelog entry for the DEP 0 drivers.
Updated the list of DEP 0 drivers.
I also removed Adeotado from the administrators of the dep group on Alioth.
Drop related links section since the single link is broken
dep9: fix angle brackets issue in preformatted tag
dep9: fix example postinst snippet
Add link to dep13
Add DEP-13
Corrected syntax for the Drivers field.
Added license (CC0) and timeline.
Launch DEP 12 (after my breakfast).
DEP 12: Per-package machine-readable metadata about Upstream
update current status of dep9
Reserving DEP 12.
DEP 12: Machine-readable debian/upstream for upstream metadata
DEP-8: avoid duplicating the autopkgtest spec
replace it with a pointer to the Git version of it
dep8: source paragraph header to document testsuite existence
patch by Martin Pitt
see discussion at
dep9: update proposed postinst snippet
based on feedback from the transition of nyancat-server
index: DEP 9 now status is actually candidate
mark dep9 as a candidate proposal
see <20120219233806.GC3604@mobee>
dep9: update example postinst snippet to respect local changes
Added cosmetic spaces.
Transferred VCS information to the DEP themselves.
Added the new Source field to the DEP headers.
Creating a new "Source" field, to transfer VCS info from the index to the DEP pages.
DEP 11 is now candidate
Repair URL, using last valid one in the history of that file.
index: merge separate DEP/title column
rationale: avoid duplicate information that is a PITA to maintain
DEP-5: mark as accepted and publish last version
note: last version also includes a warning that future versions will be maintained
as part of the Debian Policy
dep9: put pts link for reconf-inetd in current status section
dep9: add new section for new packages and update transition section
dep9: document the insignificance of 'disable' field
revert uncoordinated and unapproved changes, resetting to last known-good state.
Clarify the use of stand-alone license paragraph with license exceptions.
Discussed in, but does not close it.
English proofreading, thanks to Justin B Rye and Jonathan Nieder.
Closes: #648387
Point to the Subversion log.
dep9: relocate one-file-per-service restriction in the right section
dep9: document requirement for one fragment file per service
Use Upstream-Contact as example of line-based list, as it is the last of its kind.
Replaced "stanza" with "paragraph" to normalise vocabulary.
Correct the example in line with the license list.
dep9: put code snippet and table in preformatted tags
add section on requirements for xinetd/reconf-inetd fragments
misc dep9 updates
- elaborate more on transition from update-inetd to reconf-inetd
- rename Open issues section to Clarification of behaviour on package removal
versus package purge
- add curren status section, with reference to first upload of reconf-inetd
dep9: update date
dep9: clarify meaning of actions
Added missing period.
Re-added myself as a driver.
Strenghten the disclaimers.
Closes: #658209
Revert. That's not how the DEP process works. Go get your own DEP number.
DEP-2: fix formatting of lists
DEP-2: add feedback section
DEP-2: A word about packaging VCS
DEP-2: Update on the information flow
Note to re-ask ourselves the question whether we can get a consensus on
having to modify all Debian services to directly send the mail to the
DPMH and only there (i.e. no longer to the Maintainer field).
Clarify that if the Maintainer field is replaced, its former value is
moved to Uploaders.
Re-added myself as a driver.
DEP-2: Make it explicit that we want to keep track of the list of maintainers
DEP-2: Re-order the goals
Integrate comments from several Debian QA members.
DEP-2: continue work on the design
Corrected link name.
Fix typo and date of DEP-2.
Update the status in the DEP too.
Pass DEP-3 into ACCEPTED state.
Initial (incomplete) draft for DEP-2: “Debian Package Maintenance Hub”
fix yet another typo
fix typo and update date
cite reconf-inetd repo address
fix wrong whitespace
clarify that the copyright field doesn't actually have to be line-based, in
the event of an extra-long copyright declaration
consistent caps for 'stand-alone License paragraph'
fix another misuse of 'single line' for 'single-line'
no need to make this a parenthetical, just make the text a link
Consistent spelling of our terms:
- line based -> line-based
- standalone -> stand-alone
- single line -> single-line
Consistent links when talking about paragraphs (always include "paragraph"
as part of the link name)
drop mention of header paragraphs in the definition of the Format field, for
consistency with the other field definitions.
merge the addition of the 'Fields' section
clarification of what a minimum dep5 file looks like
fix the explanation of 'four kinds of values'