DEP - Debian Enhancement Proposals

Debian Enhancement Proposals (or DEPs, for short) offer a device to organize discussions about various kinds of enhancements in the Debian project, reflect their current status and, in particular, archive their outcomes.

DEP state diagram
DEP workflow: state diagram

In essence, each enhancement proposals is assigned to one or more drivers which follow the proposals advancing through various states, until it is finally accepted (or rejected). Discussions about ongoing DEPs happen in the usual Debian way (i.e., the most appropriate mailing list, IRC channel, etc.).

More rationale and the full details about DEPs can be found in DEP 0: Introducing Debian Enhancement Proposals.

DEP index

Status Title
CANDIDATE DEP 0: Introducing Debian Enhancement Proposals
ACCEPTED DEP 1: Clarifying policies and workflows for Non Maintainer Uploads (NMUs)
DRAFT DEP 2: Debian Package Maintenance Hub
ACCEPTED DEP 3: Patch Tagging Guidelines
DRAFT DEP 4: Translation packages in Debian (TDebs)
ACCEPTED DEP 5: Machine-readable debian/copyright
REJECTED DEP 6: Meta-Package debian/control field
REJECTED DEP 7: Java Web Application Packaging
DRAFT DEP 8: automatic as-installed package testing
OBSOLETE DEP 9: inet-superserver configuration by maintainer scripts
RESERVED DEP 10: parallelized ("rolling") release management
ACCEPTED DEP 11: AppStream and Component Metadata for Debian
DRAFT DEP 12: Per-package machine-readable metadata about Upstream
DRAFT DEP 13: Debian specific homepage field
CANDIDATE DEP 14: Recommended layout for Git packaging repositories
DRAFT DEP 15: Reserved namespace for DD-approved non-maintainer changes
DRAFT DEP 16: Improved confidential voting for General Resolutions
DRAFT DEP 17: Improve situation around aliasing effects from /usr-merge"

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